Project Learning Tree and the University of Florida developed a secondary module to help educators in the Southeast teach about climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, the role of forests in sequestering carbon, and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climatic conditions. The module explores these concepts in 14 experiential activities by using research related to the goals of PINEMAP—a regional research, education, and extension program focused on southern pine management and climate change. On this website, you will find the new secondary module, along with tools and resources to help you use these activities with your students.


Systems Thinking

These materials provide opportunities to explore systems thinking tools and concepts.


Additional Resources

Find connections to Next Generation Science Standards and additional resources


Teach Climate Change

Learn more about incorporating the topic of climate change into your curriculum.

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Errata and Improvements Sheet

Click here for a list of changes and improvements completed in the second edition (updated April 2016).


What are the goals of this module?

Understand how climate change could impact forests in the southeastern U.S.;
Understand how forests can be managed to address changing climate conditions and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
Enhance decision-making skills to make informed choices as consumers to mitigate climate change;
Develop systems thinking skills to see connections between climate change, forests, and people;
Recognize that individual and community actions can help mitigate and adapt to climate change; and
Become part of future community conversations about climate change and potential solutions.


Student test scores were much higher this semester while using this module than last year without it.
Honors Earth/Environmental Science Teacher, North Carolina
The teachers in my workshop were clearly excited about the link to research that is made by this module. The activities help make the research questions meaningful, and the videos with graduate students help convey the relevance on current scientific endeavors.
PLT Facilitator, Florida
This was a fantastic workshop. I am more educated, equipped, and inspired to teach this topic.
PLT Facilitator, South Carolina
I especially appreciated the lack of bias in the module. I mean forests were not always portrayed as the “savior of the climate.” A diversity of perspectives were included.
Middle School Science Teacher, Arkansas

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