1-2 Activity 2: Clearing the Air


This activity addresses climate science and helps students understand why people have different ideas and opinions about the issue. The first slide presentation provides information about the scientific evidence supporting climate change, the potential effects of climate change in the Southeast United States, and reasons why people don’t all agree on the subject. The second slide presentation shares ways that communities are addressing climate change. Students use the information from the presentations to evaluate and improve common conclusions that people draw about climate change, and the students participate in a role-play to negotiate solutions to address climate change. A fact-or-fiction quiz is included to motivate interest in sorting through common misunderstandings about climate change.


Full Activity (with student pages included)

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You can find more related websites at the end of Activity 2 or check out the Additional Resources for the entire module.


Teacher Comments

I thought this activity had some of the best information on why we were doing this module. My students and I were able to start a dialogue about the important relationships between forests and climate change concerns based on the wonderful graphs and data tables provided in the slide presentation. 
Land Resources Teacher, Florida
This activity was challenging, but I consider that to be appropriate in this case. My students were expected to rise to a more challenging reading level, and I think they were successful at doing so! 
Land Resources Teacher, Florida
I will use this activity again as part of the review before the AP Environmental Exam.
AP Environmental Science Teacher, Florida
Students really loved this activity. Role-playing activities are one of the most engaging for my kids! 
AP Environmental Science Teacher, Florida
I wasn’t sure how the role playing would go with my kids, but I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged they were with it. 
AP Environmental Science Teacher, North Carolina
The  discussion we had in class was EPIC! The kids were so into the topic that they forgot their “persona” and took over for themselves and playing devil’s advocate.
Earth and Environmental Science Teacher, North Carolina
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