Resources for Educators

The following correlation charts, resources, and supplemental information may be helpful as you use Southeastern Forests and Climate Change materials.


NEW! Short Narrated Presentations
Module Overview – This short presentation will introduce you to the module and help you learn how to successfully use these materials with your students or other audiences.
Matching the Module to Educational Standards – This presentation provides information for how the module activities can match your standards.


Correlation Charts
We have correlated the module activities by subject, the PLT Conceptual Framework, related activities in other PLT curricula, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and STEM connections.

Subject Correlations Chart

PLT Conceptual Framework Correlations

Related PLT Activities

Next Generation Science Standards Correlations

STEM Connections


Systems Thinking
The following handouts may be helpful for educators who are emphasizing systems thinking skills and for those using the Systems Enrichment Exercises.

Systems Thinking Overview

Assessing Systems Thinking Skills

Systems Thinking Tools by Activity

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts (applied to systems thinking skills)


Resources for More Information
Many programs, organizations, and agencies provide information and resources on climate change and forestry topics. Each activity page lists additional resources related to the activity’s content. We also provide a general list of additional resources, organized by topic.

Additional Resources by Topic


Adaptations and Supplements for Areas Outside the Southeast
Adaptation Ideas: While some activities are relevant nationwide, others are specific to the Southeast and need to be adapted for use in other areas. This table provides ideas for adaptations and modifications.


The following states have developed supplements to provide educators with general background on their state’s forests, products, projected impacts of climate change, and pests.

Illinois Supplement

Kentucky Supplement

Tennessee Supplement

Missouri Supplement

PLT Focus on Forests
This module complements topics covered in other Project Learning Tree Secondary Modules, such as the Focus on Forests for example. For educators and facilitators who are using both modules, we created an additional reading, Climate Change Projections, that can be used with Activity 4: Tough Choices.


PINEMAP Education Research Summaries
Measuring the Effectiveness of Educational Materials on Climate Change and Forests

Understanding Southeastern Science Teachers’ Interest in Climate Change Education

Addressing Climate Change through Biology Concepts

The Six Americas of Climate Change: Perceptions of Southeast Extension Professionals


Climate Change Reports and Documents

Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts, and Choices (National Research Council Booklet)

Climate Change Indicators in the United States (US EPA Report)

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication (Center for Research on Environmental Decisions Guide)

Southeast Regional Climate Hub Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies


Training Opportunities
If you would like to participate in an educator workshop that introduces this module, please contact your state Project Learning Tree coordinator.


Video Files
If you are not able to access the module videos through YouTube, click here to download a zip folder of all the video files (~355MB).